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Our in-house consulting, customized leadership programs, and executive coaching are designed to help you build an organization that embodies today’s competitive advantage. Our assessment tools and interview techniques enable us to discover the hidden potential within your organization. With this knowledge, we design leadership and growth learning experiences to help your organization Understand, Master, and Own your core business and embody One Step Ahead thinking and action. For more information about our consulting strategy, call us at 706-424-2725 or email us at john@auxin360.com.
Leadership training

Leadership Training

The Entrepreneurial Era requires a different leadership model and rhythm of action. In this era, leaders must be a catalyst – accelerating the pace of mental, physical, and emotional engagement throughout the organization to understand, master, and own what we do. Most leaders think the path is - push, push, push. Wrong. This leads to stressed, tired, and overworked people – the opposite of what you need today. UMO Leadership teaches a different path. Using the uncommon tools, skills, and techniques in UMO Leadership, leaders learn how to quickly assess where people are and the actions that help people master and own their craft – the individual competitive advantage today. UMO Leadership creates a more engaging, less stressful, and more performance focused work environment that develops One Step Ahead thinking and action – the organizational competitive advantage today. To learn more about how UMO Leadership can transform your organization, call us at 706-424-2725 or email us at john@auxin360.com.

Executive Coaching

Leadership always begins at the top. People take their cues from what leaders do and reinforce. Sometimes, with the best of intentions, leaders do things that sabotage their goals rather than achieve them. For 30 years John has helped executives align their goals, beliefs, and actions to accelerate growth. To learn more about working with John one-on-one, call John at 706-424-2725 or email him at john@auxin360.com.

John’s ability to help clients recognize their real needs and then design programs and systems to meet these needs is his greatest gift.

-T. Cook