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UMO Leadership - The Program

UMO Leadership is an uncommon leadership model designed to engage your whole organization to drive growth.


The Secret Sauce

The secret sauce of UMO Leadership is helping people master transitions from one stage of growth to the next. Transitions are the zone between where you have been and where you need to go. Transitions can be awkward because in transitions you are letting go of beliefs and actions that helped you be successful in the past but now limit growth and in their place build new beliefs and actions that create new growth. That is a game changer.

At the core, UMO Leadership is about helping people become so good at what they do that they are free to see, anticipate, and respond - and in the process make the workplace more energizing and inspiring for everyone.

UMO Leadership is a System

UMO Leadership is a system designed to achieve a specific outcome. So UMO Leadership is not just a concept or a set of tools designed to bolt onto your existing leadership model. It’s a different way of thinking about leadership and a different rhythm of action that can create exponential growth in people, and performance. Talent alone is not enough. It’s the system that turns talent into champions and at the core of every system is leadership.

The UMO Learning Model

The learning model is also different. Work is busy for everyone.  Hours away from work for classroom learning means staying late or working on weekends to catch up.  We created a different option.  After an initial kickoff session, participants receive 5 short videos a week – 3-5 minutes. Each video builds on the previous videos to create a progressive learning experience over 30 weeks.  Once a week or every two weeks, participants meet for a 60 minute live application workshop in person or via technology to practice what they have learned.

For organization wide implementation, we train organizational catalysts to lead these weekly live learning experiences.  You to schedule these at the times that best work for the people in your organization, and, it is the most cost effective. This simple daily drip and weekly application creates a new experience that accelerate the growth process.

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John’s ability to hold up a mirror to my inner self is amazing. It’s as if he is able to form the questions I’ve been struggling with, but have been unable to put into words myself.

-C. Creel